Working Visa (ITAS)


Decree issued by the Department of Labor (Depnaker) and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia (Depnakertrans), which is used as a requirement to employ foreign workers working in foreign investment companies or national private companies in Indonesia.


A work permit for a foreign worker residing in Indonesia issued by the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Indonesia, replaces previous permit to use foreign workers (IMTA). In the notification the sponsor must attach a billing code for the Development Skills Fund for Foreign Workers (DKP-TKA) which is deposited directly to the country, according to the work validity period in the notification.


Visas for foreigners, who have plans to carry out work activities in Indonesia.


A Limited Stay Permit Card is given to foreigners who will stay in Indonesia over a period of time. Working Visa over 6 months can be extended when its expiry date is near.
Picture Working Visa (ITAS)